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Design a better launch

A business toolkit for your indie game studio

We help you produce more successful games. Guidance, tools, and content for better launches, plus level up your business skills along the way.

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Business plans aren't covered in design and development classes

We sign up to do what we love and take control of our destiny, but building a sustainable studio also requires business planning, budgeting, competitive research, and marketing strategy.

Sure we can start reading the internet (there's great content out between the other stuff πŸ’©), or hire a consultant (incredibly valuable, but also πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ each time), ...

Or we can use a toolkit that guides us through industry-proven business planning, forecasting, and marketing.
Start in minutes, spend less money, and level up lasting business skills.

Plan for Successful Sales

Define business plans for your games, drawing on industry data for revenue sources, player statistics, and more.

Just getting started?

The system walks you through decisions and options to help you build a well thought out plan, even if it's your first.

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Spend your dollars effectively

Cash forecasting to balance potential revenue against burn rate, prioritize where to focus, and plan against game and sales goals.

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Learn from Other Games

Tools and guidance on finding comparable games plus market and sales data, for better forecasting, planning, and marketing.

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Find your Fans

Build a marketing strategy to find the fans for your game. Tips, reminders, and actionable guidance helps you follow through successfully.

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Curated Content and Integrations

We read the internet so you don't have to, then we surface the best videos, articles, and data in the toolkit so you can put them to work.

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Not sure if this is for you?

You can try the demo to start building a business plan or read the long form write-up on "How to get your business plan started" to learn more, no commitment required!