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Design a better launch

A business toolkit for indie game studios

Build and launch more successful games. Guidance, tools, and content to help you manage the business of your studio.

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"How do I know if I'm missing something? My background is _______, not business."

LaunchReady combines a flexible roadmap system with business tools to see your game end-to-end through a business lens.
From writing a plan, to methods of testing, to pointers to great content, and more.

LaunchReady business planning

Business Planning

Review, test, and iterate on the business plan for your game

LaunchReady financial forecasts

Financial Forecasts

Create financial forecasts without spreadsheets, investigate alternative ideas

LaunchReady marketing planning

Marketing Strategy

Plan how to find your fans, learn from others, and get the most out of a limited budget

A Business Roadmap for Indies

A plan to get started on your business side, just enough structure to socket in other great business advice, and guidance to challenge and customize the roadmap for your specific games.

Borrowed from experts, w/ an indie focus

Based on feedback and expert content from producers and industry experts, slimmed down for indies and smaller, more flexible teams.

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Business Plans to find Unknowns

A lightweight business plan for each game. From concept to customers, partners to revenue, you've considered it end-to-end.

Find answers to your unknowns

The best part of a lightweight plan is uncovering what you don't know, and then using that in better prototypes, user research, and more.

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Financial Forecasts

Can you afford to build the game to current plan? Will it reach your goals? Are there opportunities you've missed?

Accounting Not Required

The Cash Forecasting tool walks you through loans, funding, people, expenses, and more, calculating everything for you.

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Find your Fans

Build a marketing strategy to find the fans for your game. Tips, reminders, and actionable guidance helps you follow through successfully.

Sized to your Budget

It's an indie, we don't have AAA budget and dedicated marketers. This planner will help you get the most impact from a limited budget.

LaunchReady business planning screenshot
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Expert Content, Integrated In

Every tool and task in LaunchReady includes links out to expert content, to help you find expertise faster and bring you great content without having to resort to reading the whole internet first.

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What's new around LaunchReady?

Ready to check off the first draft of your business, financial, and marketing plan?