Catch Accidental Changes Before They Impact Your Users

with Fast, Early, User-Focused UI Automation

Automatically verify the features your customers rely on most, in minutes. No infrastructure. No code. Continuously tested integrations. Ease of mind.

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LaunchReady is in closed pilot. Early access is available until 2018.

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Keep Shipping Your Best Product

You don't have to slow down because your team and product are growing. You don't have to make a choice between shipping fast and a working demo. You don't have to build, maintain, and support an internal UI testing system (often twice) and add hours to days to your deployment to take advantage of automation.

Codeless Scenario Editor

User Scenarios are easy to edit and read later, featuring a simple interface with version tracking, on demand trial runs, and re-usable page and element definitions.

Quick Integrations

Connect your CI/CD process in minutes with quick, continuously tested integrations to a dozen CI/CD services plus pre-built scripts and API access for custom integrations.

Fix Failed Tests Quickly

Debugging a black box is extra stressful. Screenshots, step-by-step tracking, detailed error messages, and console debug logs help get to the root issue faster.

Scalable and Secure Platform

Microsoft Azure

Built with industry-hardened experience, LaunchReady is designed for scale, data isolation, disaster recovery, and to help speak auditor-ese as you grow.

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